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About us

About us

Sync Accelerator is the multi-cultural IT recruitment agency that connects innovative companies with exceptional IT professionals, regardless of where they come from.

Sync Accelerator has Sweden’s largest pool of newly arrived and international tech talent in Sweden.

Sync Accelerator was started by FCG SIPU International, the Nordic region’s leading development consultancy with over 50 years’ of experience of recruiting and leading international specialist teams to carry out large-scale projects all around the world for clients such as Sida, World Bank, UN, and the EU.



Sync Accelerator helps outstanding IT professionals develop their careers in Sweden. Consider us your job agent.

If you are new to Sweden, we know what that is like and we will be your natural go-to partner for support and advice on how to succeed in this job market.

If you are currently under contract, we will discretely help you take that next step to unlock the next phase in your career progression

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For Employers

In today’s IT job market, identifying and attracting top tech talent is a challenge and costs money. Sync Accelerator helps companies overcome that by offering:

Sweden’s largest pool of outstanding newly arrived tech talent.

Expertise in recruitment communication and employer branding vis-à- vis multi-cultural target groups

A vast international network of top IT professionals willing to relocate to Sweden

A certified, 6-week, fast-track solution for enabling international recruitment and obtaining work permits

A quality assured methodology for discretely headhunting the type of IT specialist your company needs.

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What Our Customers Say

  • There is great potential in the group of newly arrived professionals and to offer them jobs is important. Thanks to the services of Sync Accelerator, we could very quickly and easily find very competent candidates and get help with the process of recruiting them. My experience with this has been very positive and I can wholeheartedly recommend the Sync Accelerator solution

    Jonathan Persson, CEO Bigspin

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